Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS): 0300 555 0505

The SAAS phone number is 0300 555 0505. SAAS is an abbreviation for Student Awards Agency for Scotland, the Government agency that supports students from Scotland with grants, bursaries and loans.



About SAAS

The Student Awards Agency for Scotland are an executive agency of the Scottish Government responsible for funding student higher education in Scotland by means of grants, loans and bursaries. In particular they provide much needed support to students whose family background means they may not be able access higher education without the support of a grant. They also help disabled students access education with  bursaries and grants. Furthermore in 2018 Scotland announced that EU citizens would still be able to access free education after Brexit meaning SAAS will also support students from outside the UK.

SAAS have access to an annual fund of £843 million which can be accessed by those pursuing a life in full time education. If you have any questions about their work then call the SAAS phone number on 0300 555 0505. They also support Scottish students in their applications to the Student Loans Company.


Who Can Apply for SAAS Funding?

  • Scottish Students doing an undergraduate course of study in the UK – Undergraduates can apply for a grant of £1820 towards their tuition fees if studying in Scotland. Scottish students bstudying outside Scotland but still within the UK will be eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan. Option number 6 on the SAAS phone number.
  • Students studying for a HSC, HND, or equivalent – Students doing one of these course are eligible to apply for a SAAS grant of £1285 towards their fees.
  • Trainee Nurses and Midwifes –  Healthcare workers doing a medical degree to become a nurse or a Midwife in Scotland can apply to the NHS bursary scheme. Call the SAAS phone number 0300 555 0505 and press option 4 for more information about this.
  • Disabled Learners – If you have a disability then you may be eligible for financial support from SAAS towards you tuition and or your living costs during your time at University. Phone SAAS on 0300 555 0505 and press 1 to find out more.
  • Postgraduate Students – Find out if SAAS will help fund your course of postgraduate studies by phoning them on 0300 555 0505 and pressing 5 –  the closing date for 2018 applications is the 31st of March
  • Part-time students – Grants are available for students studying part time. The SAAS phone number for part time students is: 0300 300 3137.
  • EU Nationals – Despite Brexit the Scottish Government has vowed to continue to support EU nationals studying at Scottish universities through grants and loans administered by SAAS. If phoning SAAS from outside the UK you will need to replace the 0 at the start of their number with 0044, making 0044 300 555 0505 for full time courses and 0044 300 300 3137  for part time courses. 


SAAS Phone Number – 0300 555 0505

The SAAS phone number is 0300 555 0505. When you dial you will be greeted by the following automated message with 6 options:

  1. Option 1 for disabled applicants
  2. Option 2 students who have left or did not attend their course
  3. Option 3 for online application enquiries
  4. Option 4 for nursing and midwifery
  5. Option 5 for Postgraduates
  6. Option 6 for Undergraduate and general enquiries


SAAS Phone Number for Part-time Students – 0300 300 3137

Phone SAAS on 0300 300 3137 for information and advice on available  funding for a part-time course of study in Scotland.


SAAS Alternative Contact Details

SAAS have two popular social media accounts.

Twitter – @SAAStweet

Facebook – @saasfb


SAAS Address

Student Awards Agency
Broomhouse Drive
EH11 3UT