STD Code Varanasi: 0542

Need to call a landline telephone number in the Utter Pradeshi? Wondering what the STD code is? Well look no further.


Varanasi STD Code 0542

Calls to a landline in Varanasi are preceded by the four digit STD code 0542, unless you are calling from outside India in which case the zero will be replaced by the India STD code +91.

The four digit STD code is indicative of Varanasi’s statues as a tier 2 city in India.

An example of the Varanasi STD code in use is in the telephone number for the tourist board office in the town. If calling from within India you need to dial 0542 250 1784, whereas from abroad the number is +91 542 250 1784.

The same is true for the number of the Hotel Plaza Inn located in the city. If calling from within India you will need to first dial the 0542 STD code followed by the landline number. That is 0542 2205504. Or from abroad the number is +91 542 2205504.




Varanasi is also known as Banares and is located on the banks of the river Ganga in Utter Pradesh. The city has a population of just over four million and is listed as a tier 2 city, which is why the STD code is four digits long. Tier one cities such as Delhi, Pune and etc have three digit STD codes.