St. Pancras Church London: 020 7388 1461

Phone 020 7388 1461 to connect with St. Pancras Church on Euston Road, London about the timings of weekday and weekend services and recitals.

St. Pancras Office Contact Number: 020 7388 1461

St. Pancras Church is located on Euston Road, a stones throw from Euston Station in London. The contact number above can be used to arrange a meeting with the clergy, or to book attendance at one of the regular discussion evenings that take place in the church. You can also contact the office by email on

The office also deal with any enquiries related to the parish halls on Lancing Street. If you would like to let one of the rooms in the St. Pancras parish halls then phone 020 7388 1461.

St. Pancras Crypt Gallery

You can also contact the office on 020 7388 1461 to get information about visiting the St. Pancras Crypt Gallery. You can also contact the Crypt Gallery team on

The Crypt Gallery also run Facebook and Twitter handles, you can search @theCryptGallery to find them.

Vicar at St. Pancras Church Euston 

Speak directly to the vicar at St. Pancras over the phone on 07960 873 009, or by email 

The Vicar will be able to help you engage with the congregation and inform you of any events that are due to occur in the church. The vicar will also be able to support you with any spiritual or practical requirements in your life. 

Safeguarding at St. Pancras Church Euston 

Report safeguarding  concerns to the safeguarding officer at St. Pancras Church she is called Annette Goodwin, her email is