SR Mailing Phone Number:+44 161 839 1374

Contact SR Mailing by telephone from the UK on 0161 839 1374, or from outside the country on +44 (0) 161 839 1374.

SR Mailing are a UK company offering a huge range of sustainable packaging solutions for packages sent within the UK and abroad.

SR Mailing Products

Cardboard boxes

One of SR Mailing’s most popular products are their cardboard boxes which are sourced from paper imported from Germany. This corrugated paper is known for it’s strength and also the smoothness of the box, making it the perfect choice for sending luxury items or moving expensive products.

Manual Packaging Machines

They also sell a range of packaging and manual machines and products making it easier for your business to package items in a safe yet time-efficient manner. One such product is their paper packaging box, which holds the paper in place while you measure your package against the amount of paper needed. An example is the Honeycomb Wrapbox, featured in the video below:

If you would like information on this or any other SR Mailing product then contact the company by telephone on 0161 839 1374, or by emailing

Covid – Back to Work PPE

SR Mailing sell a range of tapes and signs allowing a safe, socially distanced return to work for UK businesses. For example they sell tapes to mark out a two metre distance or markers for customers to stand on to denot a safe distance when queueing. 

Buffer Protection

SR Mailing offer a wide range of bubble buffer protection to cover your packaging needs. These products can be used to line boxes or packages when sending delicate items such as wine or dried baby food abroad. Buffer wrap protection comes in sizes such as SR fit 4, or SR fit 6. You can pick a suitable size so your product will fit snugly and arrive safely in the hands of its new owner. 

Environmental e-commerce

See the SR Mailing website for details of their self-sealing express bags, suitable for use when having business documents couriered. These grey bags are 100% environmentally-friendly as long as they are recycled. They are also odor-free. 

Scotch Tape

Customers can also purchase scotch and other adhesive tapes on the company website or by telephone on 0161 839 1374. The SR Mailing website details their range of Scotch Tape 透明胶带 and other sellotape, all these products are suitable for business purposes.