South Woodford Police Station: 07887 626 647 / 020 8345 3637

Contact South Woodford Police Station on 020 8345 363, or 07887 626 647 to contact local officers in your area. This is a beat number so it can be used to make a non-emergency report or to request some assistance. During the Covid-19 pandemic it may be a good number to call to report a breach of social-distancing guidelines.

You can also contact South Woodford Police Station by emailing: SNTJI-south-woodford@met.police.UK

These contact details will connect you with the community policing team and are the ideal method of contact if you see something in your area that you want to bring to the attention of the police. 

If calling to report a serious crime or if you are in immediate danger you should not hesitate to phone 999.