Sony Playstation Customer Service: 0203 538 2665

Phone the Sony Playstation Customer Service Team on 0203 538 2665 for support for your device. Try and have your Playstation account details and console serial number to hand when you phone. This number can be used for Playstation customer support such as to:

  • help diagnose an issue with your device
  • report a suspected hacking
  • check availability of new games
  • cancel an unauthorised transaction

The Playstation Customer Support line is open between 10.30 am and 7.30 pm Monday to Saturday. The number will connect you with the Playstation UK offices. 

Sony PS4 Customer Service – 0203 538 2665

Customers should phone this number if they need a refund on a product purchased from Playstation UK. 

Customers can use the Playstation customer service number if they have paid for a game but it has not shown up on the PS4 dashboard. It can also be used in the event of difficulties with using the voucher codes that come with a new PS4. Similarly it can be used to make a complaint about a fault or issue with a piece of hardware you have bought.