SigTuple Contact Number

The telephone contact number for Indian healthcare AI company SigTuple is +91 80 4866 2014. This number begins with 91, which is the international dialling code for India. If phoning from within India the telephone number is 080 4866 2014.

 SigTuple are an Indian AI startup. Working in the healthcare industry they specialise in harnessing Artificial Intelligence to analyse x-rays and other visual data to assist in diagnosis. They were recently awarded a $16 million research grant to help with their work. Their aim is to create databases of medical information garnered from the millions of scans that take place each year in hospitals across India. They will then use this iinformation to aid further diagnosis. If you have any queries about their work then contact them by telephone on +91 80 4866 2014.


SigTuple Telephone Contact Number

Sigtuple’s offices, in Bangalore, are open between 9am and 6pm Monday to Saturday. If you phone outside of these office hours you wont be able to connect with a member of staff.


SigTuple email address

Outside of office hours you can contact SigTuple by email on