Sheilas Wheels: 0345 604 3550

The Sheilas Wheels’ phone number is 0345 604 3550, dial this call centre number between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm on a Saturday, or 9am – 2pm on Sundays.

Sheilas’ Wheels Phone Number – 0345 604 3550

The Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance telephone number, for existing customers, is 0345 604 3550. This number can be used by customers looking for help with or information about an existing policy. It can also be used by prospective customers who would like to know more about policies offered by Sheilas’ Wheels.


Sheilas’ Wheels Quotes – 0800 011 3311

Prospective customers can contact Sheilas’ Wheels on freephone 0800 011 3311 for a no obligation quote or for over the phone sales information and advice. Their sales staff are sensitive to the  insurance needs of female motorists and will do their best to offer you the most suitable package. You may decide to include windscreen, key or misfuelling cover, and can even include handbag cover as part of your insurance package for an extra £300. 


Sheilas Wheels Claims phone number – 0345 604 3570

The Sheilas’ Wheels claims phone number is 0345 604 3570, lines are open Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm and Saturday between 9am and 5pm. If you are involved in an accident and need to contact Sheilas’ Wheels outside of these hours then you should phone the Sheilas’ Wheels Accident Recovery line on 0800 032 9083.

Customers wishing to contact the Sheilas’ Wheels Claims team from abroad should phone +44 161 862 2890. Customers can also make their claim by fax on 0161 830 8084.


Sheilas Wheels’ Recovery (provided by the RAC) – 0800 085 6840

Sheilas’ Wheels recovery service is provided by the RAC. Be assured that the RAC’s Breakdown Recovery line is manned 24/7, so you can get breakdown assistance no matter or when an accident takes place. In addition to the trauma of an accident or the frustration of a breakdown, poor customer service or slow breakdown recovery response can make a bad situation even worse. Sheilas’ Wheels aims to make women feel safer and better protected during these times of stress. Therefore they have partnered with  the RAC to provide a breakdown recovery service, including breakdown recovery line: 0800 085 6840.

If your breakdown/accident occurs in Europe you should phone +44 141 248 5491.

If you do not yet have breakdown cover as part of your Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance package then phone 0345 045 2000, to discuss adding it to your policy.