Shaw Academy Cancel Subscription Number UK: 0808 169 6493


If you would like to cancel your subscription to the Shaw Academy over the phone then dial their UK number 0808 169 6493.

Shaw Academy are an Irish online educator providing courses in subjects such as diverse as coding, musical instruments, and maths. Taking advantage of Dublin’s reputation as a major technological hub they provide courses allowing people to hone their online and digital skills. Their IT courses provide certificates that people can use to bolster their career prospects.

The Shaw Academy launched an advertising campaign in the first half of 2020 promising free short term subscriptions. This offer was taken up my many in the UK looking to build up new skills during lockdown. However in order to take advantage of this offer customers are obliged to provide full bank details. They are also warned that they must cancel their subscription before the free trial (four weeks in duration) is over, or they will be billed. 

An article appearing in the Guardian Newspaper on Saturday the 13th of June, 2020 showed that cancelling these subscriptions was not, in fact, easy to do. It is advisable that you cancel any future payments from your bank account or PayPal account. Organise with your bank to ensure that any future payments are blocked.

Shaw Academy Cancel Subscription: 0808 169 6493

If you would like to cancel your Shaw Academy you should do so on your account well before the end of your free four week trial. It is also advisable to phone the Shaw Academy to make sure that the cancellation is in order. You can also check that your cancellation has been enacted or make your cancellation over the phone on 0808 169 6493. 

Lines to this number are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. You can also sometimes get through on a Saturday.

In order to cancel your subscription over the phone your should follow these steps:

  1. Dial 0808 169 6493. You will be greeted by the following options: welcome to Shaw Academy, before we begin, are you calling in relation to your own Shaw Academy Account? If yes please press 1. If you are calling in relation to another Shaw Academy account please press 2.
  2. Press option 1. You will then be taken to the following messages: Press 1 to learn more about your classes. Press 2 to learn more about how to re-schedule your classes. Press 3 to learn more about our get skills – give skills program. Press 4 if you want to cancel your subscription.
  3. Press option 4.

Ensure that any future payments to Shaw Academy are blocked by contacting your bank or Paypal.