Shantou Wanjiaxiang Food Co LTD: (86) 754 88562992

Contact Shantou Wanjiaxiang Food Co Ltd at their offices in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China, on (86) 754 88562992. You can also contact them via the contact form on their website.

The Chinese name of this company is 汕头市万家香食品有限公司. Here 汕头市 means Shantou City, which is a coastal city in GuangDong, China。


Shantou Wanjiaxiang Food Co LTD Public Health Warnings

Shantou Wanjiaxiang Food Company have been cautioned in various countries for supplying food that is in contravention of local health and safety standards. The first time was in the State of California in 2015 when they were found to be supplying dried seaweed containing lead.

Then as recently as the 15th January 2021 a Shantou Wanjiaxiang  dried seaweed product was withdrawn by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland after it was found to contain raised iodine levels. A day later the same product was withdrawn in Macau and for the same reason. 

Shantou Wanjiaxiang Food Co Ltd products

Shantou Wanjiaxiang Food Co Ltd export a wide selection of frozen, dried, and canned food stuffs to western countries including the USA, the UK, France and Ireland. If you would like to purchase their products or book a factory tour then phone them on 86-754-88562992.

Their products such as dried seaweed and dried fruits are a common sight in stores selling Chinese products in the West. 

Shantou Wanjiaxiang Food Co LTD Address

If you have a query or would like to send a letter of complaint you can do so by writing to the following address:

Shantou Wanjiaxiang Food Co LTD

Guangdong Province

Shantou City

Longhu District

63 ZhuChi Road

Number 801

Postcode: 515000