A Shade Greener: 0345 301 2342


Find out if you qualify for free installation of solar panels on your home under the UK Government’s FIT scheme by phoning A Shade Greener on 0345 301 2342. Or, if you are on benefits, phone 0345 129 2125 to see if you qualify for a grant towards a new boiler installation.


About A Shade Greener

A Shade Greener’s reputation is based on their promise to install solar panels safely to people’s homes for free. In fact they promise that not only will you not have to purchase the panels but in the long run their installation will save you money on your electricity bills. Over 67,000 homes in the UK have taken advantage of this promise so far. It is made possible by the Government’s Feed-in Tariff – the FIT Scheme – in which households are rewarded with grants for contributing to their energy supply via natural resources such as solar panels. Once A Shade Greener have installed the panels your energy supplier will work out their monthly contribution to your energy usage and that share will be reduced from your bill. Customers who already have A Shade Greener panels can log into their account to check their solar reading online: Readings


 A Shade Greener Solar Panels number – 0345 301 2342

Contact A Shade Greener on 0345 301 2342 to discuss having solar panels fitted on your roof.  Current customers  can use this as a complaints line. In fact the A Shade Greener website encourages customers to contact them with complaints or queries via their social media accounts, but on closer inspection you will find that they have recently deleted their Twitter handle. This could be to avoid answering publicly to complaints like the one, below:



Pigeons aren’t the only source of complaint about A Shade Greener. You can also find complaints on social media and review websites concerning the electrical fittings that connect their solar panels to the domestic supply. 

There are also many positive reviews of A Shade Greener to be found online and you can view some of these on their Facebook Homepage. A Shade Greener can also be contacted by email: message@ashadegreener.co.uk


A Shade Greener Boilers – 0345 129 2125

A Shade Greener can help customers on benefits to apply for grants to get new boilers fitted in their homes. They will even help organise the installation through partner companies across the UK. In their home town of Barnsley they offer this service in partnership with Everlasting Boilers. Phone A Shade Greener on 0345 129 2125 to find out how to apply for funding for a new boiler.


A Shade Greener Biomass – 0345 120 2342

Phone A Shade Greener on 0345 120 2342 to find out how they can assist you in installing a biomass heating system in your home. They will also offer advice on fuel use including how to access their sustainable wood pellets.


A Shade Greener Office Addresses

Their head office is in Barnsley at the following address:

A Shade Greener
Unit 6A Shortwood Court
Shortwood Business Park
South Yorkshire
S74 9LH
United Kingdom

They also have an office in Gloucester:

A Shade Greener
Quadrant Distribution Centre
Quadrant Way