Sagar Insurances: 01282 858284

Homeowners can phone Sagar Insurances on 01282 858284 to speak with a member of staff about flood insurance packages. The number for commercial property owners is 0128 285 2879.

Sagar Insurances Flood Cover For Homes

Sagar Insurances offer comprehensive flood insurance policies that will provide peace of mind to those who live in flood prone areas. Cover includes alternative accommodation provision and, as well as cover for your home itself, they can also provide cover for the contents too.

Their flood insurance packages provide cover for damage caused by rain, rivers and for those who live near the sea and are at risk of coastal flooding.

To find out more about Sagar Insurance flood insurance packages phone them on 01282 858 284, or fill in their online general enquiries form: Sagar Flood Insurance Enquiries.

Sagar Insurances Business Flood Cover 

If you are looking to take out flood cover on a commercial property then phone Sagar Insurances on 01282 858 279. A member of their commercial insurance team will be able to guide you through their insurance policies and provide a quote.