Royalties Gold Contact Number: 03705 62 55 55

The RBS Royalties Gold contact number is 03705 62 55 55. This will take you through to their customer service team in Portsmouth. This contact number is an alternative to their expensive 0870 premium rate number for which you will be charged at least 13 pence per minute plus an access charge.

Royalties Gold is an RBS membership bank account that offers a range of benefits for holders. These benefits range from insurance services, to travel benefits and much much in between. Phone the RBS Royalties Gold Contact number on 03705 62 55 55 to find out what membership benefits you can qualify for.

Royalties Gold Contact Number: 03705 62 55 55

The Royalties Gold contact number can be used for membership services. For example if you want to find out whether your travel insurance package covers a certain area in the world you can give the Royalties Gold team a bell to find out. Customers can also phone this number to register their phone for Royalties Gold mobile insurance. Although registering your mobile phone is not essential this will speed up your claim in the event of theft or fraud.

This number can also be used to make a mobile phone or travel insurance claim.

Lines to the Royalties Gold number 03705 62 55 55 are open between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday as well as 9-5 on Saturdays.

Royalties Gold Minicom Users: 03706 00 08 56

The equivalent Royalties Gold contact number, for Minicom users is 08706 00 08 56.