Rajahmundry STD Code: 0883

Have you received a telephone call beginning with the digits +91 883? If so then you can be sure that this call came from Rajahmundry in the Indian in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Here the digits +91 represent the India international code. This is followed by the Rajahmundry landline STD code 883. Be aware that if calling Rajahmundry or receiving a call to that city, the STD code will be prefixed by a 0, making it 0883.

The Rajahmundry STD code 0883 is a feature of calls to a host of shops, schools, hospitals and other businesses and institutions across the city.

Rajahmundry STD Code

The first example we might look to is the Anurag Chest Hospital, a speciality medical facility in the city. The phone number to connect with the hospital from outside India is +91 883 242 6062. To phone the hospital from inside India add a zero to the landline STD code of Rajahmundry, making the number 0883 242 6062. 

We can also see the Rajahmundry STD code 0883 demonstrated in the admissions telephone number for a pre-school in the city called Apple Valley pre-school. Parents are invited to phone the admissions department on 0883 2438370.

We also find the STD code of 0883 as a prefix to the Rajahmundry branch of Malabar Gold and Diamonds, an Indian chain of jewellers. The phone number for this establishment is 0883 244 5916.