BBC Radio Ulster Phone Number 0303 080 5555

Have you heard something on a BBC Radio Ulster show such as Talkback that has made your blood boil? If so use the contact details below to air your grievance with the producers and talk show host.

BBC Radio Ulster Number – 0303 080 5555

Contact BBC Radio Ulster by telephone on 0303 080 5555 to comment on one of their shows such as Talkback, the Nolan Show, or the Lynette Fay Show.

Email Your Comments

Although the major Radio Ulster shows share the phone-in number 0303 080 5555 each show that appears on BBC Radio Ulster has it’s own unique email address. These email addresses can be used for comment.

Lynette Fay Show
The Nolan Show

Talkback – 0303 080 5555

If you would like to contribute to or make a comment about the BBC NI Talkback show then email or phone 0303 080 5555. You can phone this number to put your views on the air during the daily 12 o’clock slot.

Stephen Nolan Phone Number – 0303 080 5555

The phone number to connect with the Stephen Nolan show is 0303 080 5555. His show airs between 9am and 10.30 Monday to Friday