Quantcast London Contact Number: 020 3194 4478

The best way for customers in the UK to contact Quantcast is by telephone on 020 3194 4478. This line is for their London offices in Shaftesbury Avenue. 

About Quantcast

Quantcast use Artificial Intelligence technology to help their customers optimise their advertising potential. Using an advanced analytic systems they  offer an analysis of web behaviours and offer insights into how you can maximise your advertising potential. These insights can be really helpful for companies looking to launch an online advertising campaign as information can include data such as which websites have the wealthiest audiences.

They are an American company with headquarters in San Francisco. They also have offices in 10 different countries including an office in London, UK.

If you would like information on how Quantcast can help revolutionise your advertising contact them by telephone on 020 3194 4478.


Quantcast London Office Address

The office address of the Quantcast branch in London is:


Ariel House

Floor 2

74 Charlotte Street