Qin Printing Contact: +86 21 6538 1716

Are you looking to get a book of photographs, or family memories published? Or perhaps you are a business owner looking to connect with a  Chinese printing company?

Contact Qin Printing by telephone on +86 21 6538 1716 or email sales@qinprinting.com to speak to the sales team regarding their printing services including books and boxes.

About Qin Printing, Shanghai

Qin Printing were established in 2015. The full name in English of this company is Shanghai QinQin Printing, Co. Ltd, but they advertise as Qin Printing. In Chinese the name of this company is 上海钦钦印刷科技有限公司。The 上海 part of the name shows us the Qin Printing are based in Shanghai, and the next part 钦钦 suggests Royal, or respected. Then we have the Chinese word 印刷 for printing. So we might translate their name into English as Shanghai Royal Printing Company.

What Services do Qin Printing offer?

Qin Printing provide publication services for businesses, public bodies and institutions. They have a wide range of printing services at their disposal allowing you to choose from among a wide range of specifications. Customers can choose to print on books, calendars, posters or flyers in a matt, gloss or offset finish. They also offer bulk printing on craft sets, office stationery, or customised board games and card sets.