Public Security Bureau (PSB) Beijing: 110

Visitors to China can phone 110 at any time during their visit if they need emergency assistance or support.

PSB Visa Team

Has your visa run out and you need to make an extension? If your concerns relate to entry permits or visa extensions in China then you should phone the visa department of the PSB on 84015317 or visit them at this address:

PBS Visa Department

An Ding Men Street

Dongcheng District


The PSB will generally support you if you are a tourist looking to extend a visa. They can also support people who are looking to get a residence permit.To do this you will generally need to visit the offices above to hand in your passport and travel documents. A member of staff will then give you a yellow slip which will serve as ID for a few days. Then you can go back to collect your passport in a few days.

The Public Security Bureau

The Public Security Bureau are part of China’s police service and part of their remit is not ensure the safe passage of foreigners in the country. Their 110 hotline is open 24 hours for nationals and non-nationals to report concerns or seek emergency assistance. 

If you are the victim of a crime they you can phone the PSB to file a report and get immediate support. This switchboard number employs English speakers to ensure that you can communicate your situation effectively.

If you are not in immediate danger then you should consult your hotel staff as they have links to the PSB and they should support you with any difficulties you may face. Every hotel in Beijing should have a member of security staff who keeps in contact with the PSB.

You can also use the 110 PSB number to give advice and comment on the security of Beijing.