Privilege Car Insurance Contact: 0345 246 0591

The Privilege Car Insurance contact is 0345 246 0591, this number is one of many 0345 contact numbers that Privilege share online on their website and brochures.


Existing Customers – 0345 2468 539

The Privilege Car Insurance contact number for existing customers is 0345 2468 539 and can be used to make a claim. Phone this number if you already have a car insurance policy with Privilege, alternatively use the 0345 number directly below.


Privilege Car Insurance Sales and Quotes – 0345 246 0311

Privilege encourage potential customers to buy a new insurance policy via the quotes page on their website: Privilege Car Insurance Quotes. If you have any questions about Privilege Car Insurance or would like to query a quote that you have been provided with then phone the Privilege Car insurance general enquiries number on 0345 246 0311.


Change your Details

Privilege operate an 0345 contact number that you can use for notifying them about changes in your details such as home address, contact telephone number, or MOT status. Phone 0345 246 8590 to notify Privilege of any relevant changes in your personal details.

Privilege Breakdown Cover – 0800 028 5904

The Privilege Car insurance contact number for customers who have broken down in the UK is 0800 028 5904. Alternatively if your breakdown occurs in Europe you should phone 141 349 056.

Privilege Car Insurance Complaints – 0800 051 6990

The Privilege Car insurance contact number for complaints is 0800 051 6990. Alternatively you can phone the Privilege Head office with details of your complaint on 01903 636 978.