Post Office Mail Enquiries: 03457 740 740

Post Office customers can enquire about the whereabouts of a letter or parcel by phoning 03457 740 740. 

The Royal Mail pride themselves on providing a world class postal service, but letters and parcels can still occasionally arrive late or get lost. If you are concerned about the whereabouts of a letter or parcel that you are expecting or have sent then you should phone the Post Office on 03457 740 740. This phone number can also be used to complain if your parcel is damaged during transit or because of a heavy handed postman. If the Post Office agree that your parcel was damaged whilst in the care of the Royal Mail then you may be able to apply for compensation. More information about compensation claims can be given to customers on the Post Office 03457 740 740 number.

You can also phone the Royal Mail Customer Enquiry line 03457 740 740 if you believe someone may be stealing your mail. The Royal mail have an investigation unit who will be able to look into this for you.

Redirection of Mail

Phone the Post Office on 03457 777 888 to organise a temporary or permanent redirection of your mail. To do this you will also have to fill in a form and pay a fee so make sure you have your bank details with you when you make the call. This can also be organised in your local post office. The Post Office will ensure that the redirection advice is sent to the Royal Mail and your post is delivered to the new address.

International Calls

To phone the Post Office from abroad with a postal enquiry regarding redirection the number you need us +44 1782 668 007.