Post Office International Payments: 0800 180 4809


Post Office International Transfer

Transfer money abroad with the Post Office by visiting a local branch or over the phone on 0800 180 4809. The Post Office international payments line is open between 7.30 am and 9pm Monday to Friday.

You can also phone the Post Office on this number if you need information on the best way to send money internationally or would like to set up regular international payments. 

If phoning from abroad about an international bank transfer then the number is +44 203 162 8080. 

Post Office International Transfer App

Owners of smart phones and hand held devices can now make international money transfers at the click of a button by using the Post Office international Money Transfer App. Download by visiting Google Play or the App Store.


Post Office MoneyGram Transfers

The Post Office also has a partnership with MoneyGram. There are over 11,000 Post Office branches in the UK from which you can send money using the MoneyGram international transfer service. Customers who regularly transfer money abroad may like to make an application for a MoneyGram Plus Card.

If you have any enquiries about MoneyGram’s international transfer service then phone them on 0800 025 0535, or dial 0808 234 1093 if phoning about an individual transaction. Suspect fraud can be reported over the phone on 0800 026 0535.