Post Office Customer Service: 0345 611 2970


Phone the Post Office Customer service telephone number on 0345 611 2970 for enquiries about mail you wish to send or are expecting to receive.

The Post Office run a national customer service helpline which can be used for enquiries about postage and packing, complaints, and to find information about your local post office such as opening hours and available services.

Post office customers can use this general enquiries line if they have a query about a letter they are sending within the UK or if they are sending it abroad. Enquiries may be about weight restrictions, sending unusual items, and size and cost of postage and package. Alternatively you may phone the general enquiries line to find out the location of your local Post Office so you can take your package into the store and discuss matters face to face with a customer service representative.

Post Office Complaints

The Post Office number that features on this page doubles up as the Post Office Customer care contact and can therefor be used to register a complaint. If you have a complaint about your customer service experience with the Post Office then you should phone 0345 611 2970.

Post Office Services

In recent years the Post Office has diversified and taken on the role of providing financial services, insurance and banking cards. However they retained their strong reputation for providing services that they are more traditionally associated with. One such service passport and driving license application support. Most high street post offices have a check and send service where you can have your application forms and supporting documents checked before they are sent to the DVLA or Passport Office. If you have an enquiry about your passport application or any other service provided by your local Post Office then phone 0345 611 2970 for advice, help and support from a customer service representative.