Planet Hippo UK Phone Number: 01691 888596

Avoid using the Planet Hippo sales number beginning 0845 that is published on the Planet Hippo website. That is an expensive premium rate phone number for which you will be charged over 50 pence per minute. 

Planet Hippo are a UK hosting service based in Oswestry. They were voted among the tope ten hosting companies sin the world by TechRadar in 2018.

Planet Hippo Customer Service number – 01691 888 596

If possible use the Planet Hippo customer service number 01691 888 596, as this a local-rate UK customer service number. You can also contact Planet Hippo using the Contact Us Page on their website.

Either of these contact methods can be used to report one of your websites being down. The customer service team at Planet Hippo will be able to help you to retrieve your sites. You can also pay one of your invoices over the phone using the Planet Hippo customer service number 01691 888 596.


Planet Hippo Support Email

An alternative to the the Planet Hippo Customer service number is the support email. You can connect with Planet Hippo by emailing the address: