Personal Independence Payments (PIP): 0800 121 4433

The freephone Personal Independence Payment telephone line is 0800 121 4433. Use this number if you would like to request a reconsideration of your claim, or if you have received PIP form 7059.

When calling be sure to have your National Insurance number to hand so they can locate your file.

PIP Claim – 0800 917 2222

Step 1

Citizens of Great Britain who have any kind of disability, whether mental or physical, that acts as a barrier to finding or keeping a job should consider making a PIP claim.

Before you make your PIP claim it is important that you get an appointment with your doctor to ensure that some kind of diagnosis is in place. 

Step 2

On the day you make your PIP claim you will need your National Insurance Number to hand as this will assist the claims handler in recording your case. You will also need to be able to provide the address and contact details for your doctor.

The Personal Independence Payments PIP claims number is 0800 917 2222. If making a PIP claim from abroad the phone number is: +44 191 218 7766.

The Textphone contact number to make PIP claim is 0800 917 7777.

All three numbers are manned between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

PIP Claims can also be made by post, the address is as follows:

Personal Independence Payments New Claims

Post Handling Site B


WV99 1AH

Step 3

You will then be sent a ‘How your Disability Affects You’ form. This form provides the opportunity for you to describe the ways and extent your disability effects your life in a variety of areas including:

  • Travel
  • Hygeine
  • Work

and etc.

You will need to return the form to the DWP in the pre-paid envelope.

PIP Address

You can also respond to a letter about changes to the law or request reconsideration by letter. The postal address is:

Personal Independence Payment 9

Mail Handling Site B


WV99 1AG