Our Future Health phone number: 0808 501 5634

Contact Our Future Health by telephone on the number 0808 501 5634 to sign up for their health research program, or email support@ourfuturehealth.org.uk with any questions.

Our Future Health Invitations

Our Future Health is a research program aiming to study the health of the nation and learn ways of detecting and treating disease and illness. In the first couple of weeks of November 2022 letters were sent out to households across the country inviting people to participate in their study. To take part you can scan the QR code on the letter, or you can visit the Our Future Health website, of course remembering to note your unique invite code. If you experience any difficulties with the registration process then phone Our Future Health on 0808 501 5634, or email the team on support@ourfuturehealth.org.uk.

You can phone the Our Future Health team on this number if you get error messages when trying to complete your application.