O2 Pay and Go: 0344 809 0222

Speak to a member of the O2 Pay as you go customer service team by calling 4445 from an O2 mobile phone or 0344 809 0222 from a landline

Customer Service

If you experience any problems or have a query about your O2   Pay and go phone package then you can contact them on 4445 from you mobile or 0344 8090222 from a landline. If phoning from your mobile you will be charged 25p for each call and from a landline you will be charge at the standard UK rate. The number for customers calling from outside the UK is +44 7860 980202 be aware, though, that this call will be charged at international rates.

Lines open 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm on Saturdays and 9am to 6pm on Sundays.


Topping Up

Pay and Go is the name of the O2 pay as you go service which you can join by buying an O2 SIM from one of their high street shops. O2 offer two types of Pay as you go packages. The first is the traditional pay as you go service where you can just top as much or as little as you like by buying a voucher from a shop – or over the phone – and calling 4444 from your mobile, or 08456 062277 from a landline, to verify it.

A more economical way of managing your O2 pay as you go account if you use a smart phone, make lots of phone calls or send lots of texts is to join one of the O2 Big Bundle packages. To join you can either buy an O2 Big Bundle Sim, or call 2202 to transfer. The perks of being a member of an O2 pay as you go Big Bundle package are as follows:

£10 Big Bundle – 250 minutes of calls, 1000 texts, 5000 MB of data
£10 Data Big Bundle – 100 minutes of call, 100 texts 1GB of data
£15 Big Bundle – 750 minutes, 2000 texts, 2GB of data
£20 Big Bundle – 1500 minutes, 4000 texts, 3GB of data
£25 Big Bundle – 3000 minutes, 4000 texts, 5GB of data

To retain the perks of your Big Bundle package you must have the corresponding amount of credit on your mobile one month after your Big Bundle package started and in subsequent months. So for example if you phoned O2 to start a £15 Big Bundle package on the 13th August you must have at least £15 credit on your phone on the 13th of September to retain these perks in the next month. So be sure to check your balance each month by calling O2 on 2202 and then pressing 2 on your phone’s keypad when they give you the options.

If you decide you would like to upgrade or even downgrade your Big Bundle package you can do this by texting your new tariff code to 21300, or by calling 2202 from your mobile.


Bolt ons

If you run out of the alloted texts, call minutes, or data provided by your Big Bundle package before the month is out then you can buy a bolt on to see you through by calling O2 on 2202 or texting 21300. Before you call you can check out the Bolt ons page of the O2 website to choose the bolt on that matches your need, if texting you will just have to text the bolt on you require and, provided you have enough credit, it will be added to your account.


O2 Travel

Customers planning a trip abroad can keep their call costs down by notifying O2 before they travel by texting TRAVELON to 23336, when you return simply text TRAVELOFF to the same number. You will be charged £1.99 for each day you use your phone while abroad in return for 100 MB of data. For a list of roaming charges and to find out how much you are liable to pay when using your phone abroad see the international tariffs  page of the O2 website.



Pay and go customers can lodge complaints over the phone by calling 4445 using their O2 mobile or by ringing 0344 8090222 on a landline. If abroad the number you need is +44 344 8090222.

Lines are open between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm on Saturdays and 8am to 6pm on Sundays.


Assistance + Accessibility

O2 offer special assistance and support for blind and partially sighted customers including contracts and regular phone bills printed in braille and delivered to your door. Alternatively you may choose to nominate a family member who can be in charge of checking and supporting you in managing your account. Pay as you go customers can contact O2 on 0345 6004302 to discuss accessing these services and finding out if there are any other ways O2 can support you.

Summary of Contact Numbers

Service Contact Number
Customer Service – from O2 mobile 4445
– from a mobile 0344 8090222
– from outside the UK +44 344 8090222
Top up – from an O2 mobile 4444
– from a landline 08456 062277
– from abroad +44 1753 552277
Big Bundle – from an O2 mobile 2202
Bolt ons– from an O2 mobile 2202
Complaints -from an O2 Mobile 4445
– from a landline 0344 8090222
– from abroad +44 344 8090222
Assistance + Accessibility 0345 6004302