Npower: 0800 073 3000

Speak to a member of the Npower customer team by phoning their general enquiries contact number on: 0800 073 3000.

This customer service number can be used for potential customers to find out about services and tariffs and also for present Npower customers to query or pay a bill, give a meter reading and notify of a change of address. It can also be used by prepayment card or keyholders to notify Npower of issues with their meter including error messages and credit not registering properly. Phone the Npower customer service team on 0800 073 3000 or 0330 100 3000 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or 8am to 4pm on a Saturday. When calling the Npower customer service team be sure to have your account number and your latest meter readings to hand

Switch to Npower

Npower provide a Freephone 0808 contact number for customers of other utility companies to call with a view to switching their provider. Phone 0808 156 0056 to discuss available tariffs and whether you would benefit from switching to Npower. 0808 is a Freephone number which is free from all landlines and most mobile phone providers.

Renew Your Tariff

Npower frequently update their tariffs and provide new deals for new and current customers; if your agreed tariff period is about to come to an end then you should phone Npower on 0800 315 9044 or 0330 100 8634 for advice on whether continuing your present tariff rate or switching to a new one best suits your energy needs.

Smart Meters

The Government intends to install smart meter technology in every house in the UK by the year 2020 and Npower have been supporting this aim by supporting households with information and advice about the benefits – both to the household and the environment – of managing energy with these devices. They also provide free installation of smart meters designed to manage your electricity bills, gas, or both. Phone Npower on 0800 980 9907 from a landline or 0330 100 8137 from a mobile phone for advice or to request installation in your home. You can also use these numbers if you would like to contact Npower about opting out of smart meter readings.

Online Account Support

Customers who need to contact Npower by telephone regarding problems with their online account such as forgotten passwords, should phone the Npower online support team on 0800 316 9331.

Npower Services – Support and Advice Numbers


-Free Gas Safety Checks – Customers on means tested benefits are entitled to free gas safety checks for their home.

Debt – Struggling to pay bills

Affordable Solutions – If you are struggling to pay a bill you should contact Npower to discuss a payment plan. Phone the Npower customer service team on the number at the top of this page if you experience difficulties paying your bills.

-Npower Energy Fund – This is a fund of £2 million of which customers can apply to for a grant if they are experiencing financial hardship. Phone the Npower Energy Fund telephone number on 01733 421 060 to request an application form.

-Npower Fuel Bank – A free top up voucher to service users of various food banks across the country.


-Priority Services Register – Customers on the Npower Priority Services Register get to enjoy a range of benefits that make managing their energy easier and less stressful. For example they can have free regular meter readings done by a visiting Npower engineers. For security they can also operate a password scheme where the engineer has to give a pre-assigned password before they are granted access to the home. Customers who are blind or partially sighted can have their bills written in braille, large print or even put into audio. The Priority Services Register is free to join, to do so phone 0808 172 6999 or on a textphone dial 0800 413 016.

-Crest – Phone Npower to organise a home visit from one of the Crest team who can visit you in your home to discuss ways you can save money on your energy and manage your payments more effectively.

Ill Health

-Health Through Warmth Scheme – This scheme encourages elderly and sick customers to contact Npower in relation to installing insulation and other measures that will improve the health of customer with long term conditions by ensuring they are living in a warm and draught-free environment.

-Npower Macmillan Fund – Phone the Macmillan cancer support team on 0808 808 00 00 if you or a family member is affected by cancer and as a result is struggling to pay a bill. The Macmillan Fund, a charitable arm of Npower, provide financial support to customers with cancer who are struggling to heat their homes.

Old Age

-Warm Home Discount – The Warm Home Discount is an annual payment of £140 paid each autumn to pensioners who are entitled to the guaranteed element pension credit. A payment can also be made to recipients of benefits who are disabled and parents.

Reduce Energy Costs

-Npower customer service line – Phone 0800 073 3000 or 0330 100 3000 for advice on how you can reduce your homes energy usage and save money on bills.

-Energy Wise Team – The Npower Energy wise team are a dedicated team of specialists who can give you all the advice you need to turn your home into a heat trap. This process will involve arranging a smart meter for your home, investing in new insulation, placing reflector foils on your radiator and a host of energy saving tips and advice. Speak to the Npower Energy saving team on 0800 02 22 20 from landline or 0330 100 8620 from a mobile phone.

Report Energy Theft

-Electricity – If you suspect your meter is being tampered or someone is routing energy away from your supply you should contact Npower as soon as possible on 0800 980 3496 from a landline telephone, or 0330 100 8796 from a mobile phone. If the meter has been stolen you should contact Npower to give a crime reference number after first contacting the police.

-Gas – If you suspect tampering of your gas meter you should dial 0800 980 2205 from a landline or 0330 100 8805 from a mobile phone. Again if the meter has been stolen you should first contact the police and the Npower so you can give them a crime reference number.

Business Energy Customer Service Numbers

For general enquiries contact the business energy customer contact team on 0800 316 0617 or email: Customers contacting Npower for a business energy quote should phone 0800 980 7107, or join the summer switch program with the possibility of winning a £50 voucher by phoning 0800 028 4361.

Also be aware of the other business numbers in the table below:

Department Team Number
Customer Service Numbers
Customer Contact Number 0800 316 0617
Electricity helpline 0845 166 3360
Gas Helpline 0845 166 3320
Energy Consultant enquiries 0800 316 0554
Managing Energy consumption 0800 316 1489
Sales Numbers
Business Energy Quotes 0800 980 7107
Summer Switch team 0800 028 4361
New Customer Small Business Sales 0845 071 0613
New Customer Large Business Sales 0845 070 9494
Site Numbers
Unmetered Supplies 0800 072 8606
Generating electricity 0800 912 7724
Meter operators, data collection + aggregation 0800 316 0712
New Meters or Infrastructure 0800 912 5001
Account Payments 0800 912 5001
Reporting crime
Theft of Electricity or Gas 0845 166 3360



If you would like to make your complaint by telephone then phone the Npower Complaints department on 0800 316 9328 and select option 1, alternatively register the complaint by email or letter using one of the following addresses below:
Postal Address: Complaints Team, Npower, PO Box 177, Houghton-le-spring, DH4 9AQ

If the complaint is not resolved afters 8 weeks you should try contacting the Energy Ombudsman on 0330 4401624

Npower also have extra numbers for specific complaints

If your complaint is about Npower business Electricity. freephone 0800 316 9328 0330 100 7227 Gas 0330 100 7229
or, under new billing system 0330 100 7230

If complaint about a boiler or heating phone 0800 197 5442 from a landline or 0330 100 7516 from a mobile or write to: npower customer relations, PO Box 7760, Burton on trent, Staffordshire, DE 14 9Fx

Npower Head Office

Windmill Hill Business Park
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