Northampton College Absence Line

There are two methods for students to inform Northampton College of an absence. The first method is to phone in on the absence line of the campus you attend:

Northamton College Absence Lines

College Campus Absence Line
Booth Lane  01604 734 300
Daventry 01604 736275
Lower Mounts 01604 736331

When you phone the college about your absence be sure to have your student ID number to hand as you will need it to report your absence. You should also ensure you phone the absence line before 9am on the day of your absence.

Northampton College Absence Mobile Number

Alternatively,  you can send a text to the absence reporting mobile number:

07860 022 842.

Again this must be done before 9am. Your text should Read:

Sick IDNUMBER. eg..


Northampton College Students are obliged to inform the college of any absences. If you do not phone the college absence line or send a text to the number above then your absence will be recorded as unauthorised. Unauthorised absences will have a detrimental effect on your college record and too many can lead to your being asked to leave the course or being given a warning.