Noida STD Code: (0)120

Have you received a phone call from an Indian landline telephone number beginning 0120? This call may be from Noida, a city in Uttar Pradesh that is on the outskirts of Delhi.

Depending whether you are phoning from India or outside India the STD code of Noida is: 0120, or 120.

Callers in other parts of India will need to prefix their call to Noida with the STD code 0120. If calling from outside India you will need to drop the zero from the access code replacing it with the access code for India: +91.

Noida Local Access STD code

Calling from: STD Code Example
In India 0120 0120 XXX XXXX
Outside of India +91 120 +91 120 XXX XXXX


Noida is a planned city in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is located to the South-east of Delhi and is connected to the national capital by the Delhi Metro service. The city was founded in 1976 as a industrial development zone and it has continued to grow ever since, both in size, prosperity and tech. It is also home to some beautiful sights and landmarks including a bird sanctuary, habitat centre and golf course with excellent transport links to Delhi.

Coupled with a slower pace of life and less pollution Noida represents a great choice as a base for holiday makers looking to explore the national capital. Therefore we have decided to choose the landline telephone number of a hotel to demonstrate the Noida STD code in use.

Noida STD Code – Some Info

An example of the Noida STD code in use can be found in the landline telephone number for the Radisson Blu hotel in Noida. The number to connect to this hotel is, as follows:

Phoning from inside India: 0120 430 0000

Phoning from outside India: +91 120 430 0000

Note that the STD codes are colour-coded red in the example. This makes it easier to see that the STD code is three digits if calling from abroad and four digits if calling from inside India.

Noida has a four digit STD code because it is a tier 2 city, this is in contrast to neighbouring tier 1 Delhi which has a three digit STD code. 

Residents of Clitheroe in Lancashire may find the Noida STD code interesting because it is only one zero shy of being the same as their local access code of 01200.