Next Free Phone Number: 0800 587 7758

The only free-to-phone Next phone number that we could find is 0800 587 7758.

This is the Self Serve number which can be used by registered customers to manage orders and accounts. In the case of a problem with an order you can phone the self serve number to request a refund or return. You can also use this number to make a payment. In both cases you will need your Next SelfServe number.

Next Customer Services Number – 0333 777 8000

If you would like to speak to a human being then phone the Next customer service number 0333 777 8000. The next 0333 customer service number is not free, but for some this non-geographic number will be included on a mobile phone package.

The customer service number, above can be used to make payments. If you experience an issue with an online purchase you can use the number to place your order.

Also phone the Next customer services number to check if you can return an item such as an unwanted gift. If you have mislaid the receipt then be sure to have the card with you on which payment was made in-store, for verification purposes.

Next Catalogue Number – 0333 777 8000

Customers can purchase an item from the Next Catalogue over the phone on 0333 777 8000. If you want to order your copy then phone the same number.