New Meishi Metal Manufacturing company: 0086 (0) 755 84843456

Are you looking for a Chinese company to manufacture metal jewellery or other handicrafts for your business? or are you looking for a Chinese company to provide electroplating or other plating services for your company? If so read our page which provides more details including contact points for New Meishi Metal manufacturing company in Shenzhen.

Contact New Meishi Metal Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Company (新美时五金制品(深圳)有限公司)to discuss their metal jewellery manufacturing, metal plating, and electroplating technology.

Who are New Meishi Manufacturing Company?

New Meishi Metal Manufacturing Company Ltd. are a metal handicraft manufacturer located in Shenzhen in the south of China. The company have contracts with several internationally-recognised bands including Disney, Coca-Cola and Huawei. 

They specialise in the production of jewellery items and their output is more than 100 million pieces per year. They also have huge metal-plating technology production capacity. In addition they offer electro-plating capacity on metalwork products.

What do Meishi Metal Manufacturing Company do?

Meishi Metal Manufacturing Company manufacture products such as key rings, necklaces, cufflinks and bracelets out of metals such as zinc alloy, lead, copper and aluminium. They also provide metal plating services in finishes such as antique brass, copper, nickel, gold and silver. In addition you can contact the company to enquire about their electroplating service. Phone 0086 (0)755 848 43456, or email the team on  to enquire about their services or to make an order.