Netgigs Contact Number: +61 424 15 2234

For many people the Covid-19 outbreak has meant the loss of the very things which make life fun. Periods of self-isolation have made it impossible for many people round the world to go to pubs, clubs and gigs. However, this does not mean you have to lose out completely on live music.

One option is to create an online account with Netgigs, so that you can watch live music remotely on your TV or laptop.

Netgigs are an Australian live music platform who stream live music performances to viewers around the world. They also broadcast archive gigs on their platform. This allows people to watch gigs from around the world without leaving the comfort of their home. This is certainly a service that will become increasingly popular over the coming months.

Some of the gigs that they show are pay-per-view, such as Lir from Ireland. Others are free to access such as the National Live Music Awards. 

If you are a customer or performer who would like to contact Netgigs then you can do so over the phone on +61 424 15 2234. Be aware though that this is their telephone number in Australia. A cheaper way to connect with their team is by email on:

Netgigs Contact Number – +61 424 15 2234

Musicians can contact Netgigs on +61 424 15 2234 to discuss performing on their online music platform. Alternatively you can connect with them using their online contact form: Contact Netgigs

These points of contact can also be used by booking agencies or band managers looking to chat about using Netgigs to host a live performance.