Neemuch 07423 STD Code

Have you received a telephone call from an Indian number including the STD code 07423? If so this phone call is from Neemuch, a town in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

This STD code will prefix any calls you receive from landlines in Neemuch. It will also be necessary to add this STD code as a prefix when you dial the number for a landline telephone in the town. If calling from outside India you will need to remove the ‘0’ from the STD code, replacing it with the India Access code of +91.

Neemuch STD Code 07423

Neemuch, also known as Nimach, has a railway station, several hotels and a number of visitor attractions.

An example of the Neemuch STD code in use is within the telephone number of Hotel Vrindavan Greens. This establishment can be contacted within India on 07423 297 518. Or, if calling from outside India the number is +91 7423 297 518.

If calling any residential building, business, or public building the 07423 Neemuch STD code will always need to be used.