Nature Supplies: 01388 747987

Contact the Nature Supplies customer service team on 01388 747987 with enquiries about products listed on their website or to complain/give feedback about a product bought online.

Nature Supplies Number – 01388 747987

Nature Supplies are an online shop providing a wealth of natural healthcare products and homeopathic medicine. Their website boasts a huge range of products to treat all sorts of ailments and for all types of prevention measures. They also sell products such as vitamin and mineral supplements to support customers looking to take on the arduous challenge of water- fasting. You can contact Nature Supplies by telephone on 01388 747 987 if you have any queries or concerns about any of their products.

This customer service telephone line is also suitable for customers who wish to complain about a product or query an order.

Nature Supplies Contact

Nature Supplies are an online retail company specialising in healthcare products including vitamins, minerals, supplements and weight loss products. They also import alternative medicine and complementary healthcare products products  from countries with a long tradition of traditional medicine such as India and China. These products are then sold on the website. 

The company work out of their offices in Co. Durham. Their full office address is:

Nature Supplies

Unit 2 Brockwell Close

Low Willington Industrial Estate

Co, Durham

DL15 0UT

You can contact them by telephone at this office address on 01388 747987.

Another contact option is provided on the contact us page of the NatureSupplies website. You can use the online enquiry form to give feedback, complain, or query and order.