Music For Life: 01978 761162


Contact Music for Life by telephone on 01978 761162 to find out how the team can help your child on their musical journey through life. Or, if you are a teacher at a state primary or secondary, or independent school use the same number to see how the Music for Life team can support the music curriculum in your school.


Music for life: phone 01978 761162

Music for life is a not for profit business that connects school children across the North-west of England and North Wales with music courses and lessons. Much of their work is done in schools where they organise workshops and sessions where children can be introduced to the idea of using music for expression. If you would like to see how Music for Life can help your school develop musically then phone 01978 761162, or email:

Parents can also contact Music for Life to organise a class for their child. They offer beginner classes for students looking to start playing a musical instrument.

For children you have travelled for longer on their musical journey the team offer the opportunity to take part in an orchestra. They also offer bands the opportunity to play in front of an audience, with annual competitions and concerts.


Music For Life Email 

Whether you are a pupil, parent or teacher if you have an enquiry about music you can phone the team on 01978 761162. Equally you can also use their email address with any general or specific enquiries about classes of courses.

Their email address is

A third contact method is the online contact page on the Music for Life Website.