MSCI Phone Number: +44 20 7618 2222

The Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) phone number is 0207 618 2222 from the UK, or +44 207 618 2222 from outside the country.

MSCI Phone Number – +44 20 7618 2222

Phone the MSCI Client service from outside the UK on +44 20 7618 2222, or if calling from inside the country simple dial 0207 618 2222. When you dial this number you will be greeted by the following message and then six automated options:

Thank you for calling MSCI Client Service, your call is very important to us. Our many choices have recently been updated, please listen to all available options before making your selection.

For MSCI Index products or GIC press 1.

For borrow models an applications press 2

For real estate press 3

For risk or credit manager press 4

For ESG press 5

For all other questions press 6

MSCI Real Estate Number – +44 20 7336 9200

Dial 0207 336 9200 from the UK or +44 20 7336 9200 to speak to an MSCI customer service representative regarding real estate investment enquiries. MSCI offer a range of analytical tools for those looking to invest in the real estate market. If you are interested in finding out more then phone the MSCI real estate number 020 7336 9200 or sign up for their email newsletter.

MSCI Hedge Platform – +1 212 804 3905

Hedge fund managers who use the MSCI HedgePlatform can contact the analyst and support team on +1 212 804 3905. If you are not yet an MSCI HedgePlatorm user then you can contact the team on the same number to dicuss on-boarding.

You can also contact the MSCI hedge fund team by email on:

MSCI London Office Address

The London Office is the headquarters for the Europe, Middle East and Africa division of MSCI. Their offices are at the following address:



10 Bishops Square, Spitalfields

London E1 6EG.