Moseley Road Baths: 0121 439 0320

Phone Moseley Road Baths on 0121 439 0320 to find out about swimming opening times or to organise a group visit.


Moseley Road Baths

Moseley Road Baths are simultaneously a beautiful example of lavish Victorian, gothic architecture and a public institution that serves the people of South Birmingham today. Three pools were originally opened in 1907: a pool for women; men’s first class and men’s second class. The second class pool is still in use and is visited by people from around the city to exercise in marvellous historical surroundings. 

Moseley Road Baths Bookings

Residents of Birmingham can book a party at Moseley Swimming Baths by phoning 0121 439 0320, or by email on

It is £90 for an hours pool time plus use of the newly refurbished tea rooms afterwards. Any enquiries can also be directed to the Moseley Road Baths Twitter handle: