Morrison Spowart Criminal Defence: 020 8461 9016

If looking for a criminal defence laywer in the Catford area, give Morrison Spowart a call on 020 8461 9016.

Morrison Spowart’s criminal defence team can be contacted 24/7 for police or criminal court enquiries. The phone number is 020 8461 9061. They will also be able to advise on and assist in your application for legal aid. If your enquiry is non-urgent and you are calling during office hours, then you can phone Morrison Spowart on 020 8698 9200.

Morrison Spowart are located in Catford, in Lewisham. They are a reputable solicitors with a strong reputation in criminal law. Connect with Morrison Spowart by telephone on 020 8698 9200, or 020 8461 9061 outside of office hours.

Morrison Spowart Email Address

The email address for the Morrison Spowart offices is

Use this email address for enquiries and to send documents. You can also use the Morrison Spowart email address to get in touch with the practice about an ongoing case.

Morrison Spowart Solicitors Address

If you need to write to or send document to Morrison Spowart you can use the following address:

Morrison Spowart Solicitors

 191-193 Rushey Green


London SE6 4BD

Documents can also be faxed to the following number:

020 8698 9290