Medical PPE from China

Are you looking to purchase gloves, gowns, masks or other PPE for your business, hospital or education setting? If so read the company profiles listed on this idea for some information on Chinese companies that sell PPE.

This page provides an introduction to a range of Chinese companies that export medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks, surgical gowns, and head and neck surgical packs. China dominates the world trade of PPE, with hospitals, nursing homes and other health and social care settings around the world buying their PPE from companies that import from China.

Our aim in this page is to provide health care providers with the opportunity to contact Chinese PPE exporters directly. This will give them the opportunity to cut out the middle-man, or make orders that follow particular specifications unique to the setting. See the following companies to find out more about companies involved in the  PPE trade from China around the world.

Company Phone number Email
HeNan YADU Industrial Co +86-0373-2157057