Mattel Contact Number: 01628 500 303

Contact Mattel on 01628 500 303 if you need customer service support regarding a Hot Wheels, Barbie, or Fisher-Price purchase. 

Did you know that your Thomas the Tank Engine toys were made by the same company that invented Barbie? That your Girl’s Polly Pocket was manufactured by the same company as your boy’s WWE figure? Well it’s true, Mattel are the holding company of a huge number of brands which are household names in the UK. Therefore a mother needing to speak to a customer service representative about a Hot wheels track not connecting together, will need to call the same number as a father complaining about a Barbie dolls head that has fallen off!

Mattel even have the manufacturing and sales rights on classic games such as Uno. Who would have though that all the gifts in your stocking on Christmas Day came from the same place? At least it makes one half of Father Christmas’ annual journey easier.

For some reason I always had Fisher-Price down as a British company, but check out their customer service number, as advertised on Twitter….

You’ve got it the Fisher Price helpline is one and the same as the Mattel UK phone number. It comes as no surprise then to learn that Mattel are the world’s fourth largest toy company, behind Namco, lego and Hasbro. 

Mattel UK Phone Number – 01628 500 303

Mattel are a US toy manufacturer with a huge number of brands in the UK. If you need to speak to a customer service clerk regarding a purchase of any of the brands below, then phone Mattel on 01628 500 303.

  • Hot Wheels
  • Barbie
  • Uno
  • Fisher – Price
  • Thomas & Friends
  • WWE
  • Jurassic World
  • Mega Bloks
  • DC Comics

For a full list of Brands that are manufactured and sold by Mattel visit their website: Mattel Website

The Mattel UK customer service number and helpline can be used for all toys manufactured and sold under one of the brtands listed above. You can phone Mattel on 01628 500 303 to request a spare part or replacement. Below we feature a tweet where an anxious customer has contacted Mattel about a replacement remote control for a Fisher-Price Toy. Fisher Price respond with their own tweet advising the customer to contact the Mattel UK helpline:

The number provided is the Mattel helpline.

Mattel Helpline – 01628 500 303

Calls to the Mattel helpline will connect you with their offices in Maidenhead. Between Monday to Thursday lines are open between 10am and 12, and then 1-3 in the afternoon. On Fridays the lines open between 9am and midday. Outside of these hours customers in the UK or Republic of Ireland can contact Mattel using their online contact form.

The helpline can be used by customers who are unhappy with a recently purchased Mattel product. You can also phone the Mattel helpline to report a toy under one of the Mattel brands that is currently under product recall, and to find out how you can get reimbursed.

This helpline number can also be used to find out about product availability of Mattel toys in the UK. Below is an example; a customer being directed to the Mattel contact number by the Barbie Twitter handle: