London Mint Office Number: 0330 024 1001

When you phone the London Mint Office number 0330 024 1001 you will be greeted with the following messages and options:

Phone call on 17/02/2020

Message 1

Thank you for calling the London Mint Office. Please be aware that calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes. Thank you for calling the London Mint Office.

Message 2 

Don’t forget to speak to our agents about the 2019 Remembrance Crown. Layered in pure silver, struck to proof quality and featuring the iconic symbol of remembrance the poppy. With a strict limited mintage speak to one of our agents to own your today for just £39.95.

Press 1 to make a payment

Press 2 to make an order

Press 3 for a general enquiry

London Mint Office Phone Number – 0330 024 1001

The London Mint Office are British mail order company specialising in rare, collectible and commemorative coins. Each year they sell the Gold and Silver Sovereign coins, which you can order over the phone on 0330 024 1001, and pressing option 2. 

London Minto Office also have a range of ancient coins available to purchase. If you are an ancient coin collector then contact them on 0330 024 1001 to find out more.

London Mint Office Complaints

If you have a complaint about a customer service experience you can phone London Mint Office on 0330 024 1001, or you can email:

London Mint Office promise to look into your complaint and get back to you within 48 hours of it being logged.

You can also log your complaint by writing a letter to them:

 LMO Processing Centre
PO Box 89

CF40 9BJ