Little Tikes Contact Number: 0800 521 558


Did you buy a Little Tikes product for your little one for Christmas? Are you unsatisfied with the product or would you like to speak to the company to request a spare part? If so phone the Little Tikes Customer service line on 0800 521 558, or request a replacement part on 01609 881 302.

Little Tikes Customer Service Contact Numbers

The main Little Tikes contact number in the UK is 0800 521 558, this line is available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. In the UK there are two alternative methods of contacting the Little Tikes customer service team. Firstly you may choose to email them at: This email address is particularly helpful if you would like to chase up an order you have placed on the Little Tikes website or you are not happy with a product that you have purchased online. Alternatively you can contact Little Tikes by post at the following address:

Little Tikes
Customer Services
50 Presley Way
Milton Keynes

If you live in Little Tikes’ home country of the USA then the customer service number you will need is 330-650-3000. The Little Tikes home and head office is in Hudson, Ohio. members of the public looking to make a call from the UK to the Little Tikes headquarters or manufacturing plant in the USA can phone +1-330-650-3000. Note the 1 at the beginning is the international dialling code for the United States of America.

Replacement Parts

Little Tikes products are of a high quality and unlike some manufacturers their instructions are clear and easy to read. However, there is always the odd occasion when a piece is missing from the box or damaged during construction. This happened to me once: I bought the Little Tikes Fire Truck Spray & Rescue for my son and unfortunately I put the front wheels on the wrong way round. When I went to take the wheels off to put them back on the right way I broke the threads on the screws. My first reaction – after anger – was to phone Argos, the company I had bought it from, but they were not able to help other than to give me the Little Tikes customer service contact number. I rang this number and they referred me to the replacement parts team who can be contacted on 01609 881 302.

Replacement parts can also be requested online. A section on the Little Tikes website allows you to fill in the model, product code, a description of the damage, and your contact details. You will also need to provide photos as proof of purchase and one of the damaged part. Little Tikes will then send you the replacement part for a fee. To order your replacement part follow this link: Little Tikes Replacement Parts.

In the United States the replacement parts number is 1-800-321-0183

Little Tikes Online Orders

The contact number you need to contact Little Tikes about an order made on their website is 01908 268 480. All products in the Little Tikes range can be bought on their website and they will organise delivery for you too. If there are any problems with your order then you can use the contact number or email Little Tikes at:

Little Tikes Brand

Little Tikes is approaching its 50th birthday and in those years they have become world famous for making high quality durable children’s toys using plastic moldings.

The ownership of Little Tikes has passed hands several times over the past few decades.

  • In 1969 Little Tikes was established
  • 1964- Little Tikes was purchased by Rubbermaid
  • 1999- Rubbermaid merged with Newell, forming the Newell Rubbermaid partnership
  • 2004 Newell Rubbermaid squired by MGA Entertainment

However Little Tikes have continued throughout this history as a brand and continue to make the toys that made them famous to begin with.

Many of their toys are children’s versions of household objects and rooms including the Little Tikes kitchen. However their most famous toy is the Little Tikes Cosy Coupe, a yellow and red car shaped walker that has chalked up over 6 million sales since the 1980s.

If you would like to speak to Little Tikes about any aspect of their brand or marketing then phone them on 01604 217 480, or email one of the following addresses:


US Headquarters & Alternate Contact Details

The Little Tikes Headquarters is in Hudson, Ohio where they have their head office and mason manufacturing plant. The Little Tikes address in Hudson, Ohio is:

2180 Barlow Road

The company also have various other company contacts points including social media:

Twitter: @littletikes

Facebook: @littletikes