Linktera Turkey Contact Details: +90 216 290 2615

Phone Linktera on +90 216 290 2615, or email to discuss their risk management or regulatory solutions packages. You can also use these contact details to set up an online meeting to find out more about how their products can support your business.

About Linktera Turkey

Linktera are a Turkish risk management solutions company that provide custom-made risk management packages to over 80 banks and financial institutions around the world. Their packages are backed by reliable algorithms that can cut down on risks in global investment opportunities. 

Contact Linktera Turkey

Contact Linktera Turkey on on +90 216 290 2615, or email to schedule a meeting with the sales team. You can also contact them if you would like to arrange a trial with one of their risk management tools. You can also contact the team at Linktera Turkey to find out if they can provide a bespoke risk management package your your institution.