Lifestyle Services Group LTD: 01270 413000

Contact the Lifestyle Services Group by phone on 01270 41300 to discuss taking out mobile phone insurance or protection for your mobile device.

Lifestyle Services Group provide liability and insurance protection for mobile phones and hand held devices. They provide this protection for the customers of a number of mobile phone companies and banks in the UK. If you purchased insurance for your phone through Vodafone, EE or Phones 4 U, or you have mobile phone protection as part of the terms of your bank account with Barclays the Co-operative Bank, Lloyds or Nationwide then the insurance for your phone is likely to be provided by Lifestyle Services Group LTD.

The Lifestyle Services Group have a particularly strong relationship with Barclays Bank with whom they share a section of the Barclays website called Barclays Lifestyle Group. On this section of the website you can purchase your bespoke mobile phone insurance package and register your device.



Lifestyle Services Group Numbers

  • Lifestyle Services Group headquarters – 01270 41300,  a local rate telephone number and can be used for corporate enquiries and to enquire about products.


The Lifestyle Services Group provide insurance for a number of Mobile phone networks and banks. Below we have summarised the telephone contact details for each company.


Barclays Lifestyle Insurance 

Holders of Barclays Bank accounts can choose to have their mobile phone insured by the Lifestyle Services Group as part of the terms of their account. If you have a question regarding your account then phone the relevant number below depending on which package you have.

Additions Helpline – 0333 202 7527
Additions Active Helpline – 0800 994 422
Current Account Plus Helpline – 0800 328 6931
First Additions Helpline – 0800 328 6931
Graduate Additions Helpline – 0333 202 7525
Premier Life Helpline – 0800 111 777
Premier Tech Pack Helpline – 0800 158 3198

Barclays Lifesyle mobile phone insurance holders can also contact the Lifestyle Services Group by post with any queries or complaints at the following address:

Lifestyle Services Group Limited
PO Box 98
NE24 9DL



Co-operative – 0344 249 9981

If you have bought your Lifestyle Services Group mobile phone insurance through the Co-operative then the customer service phone number you need is 0344 249 9981. This number can be used for the purposes of claims, general enquiries or to change a detail on your account.

You can also connect with the customer service team using this email address:



Liabilities for mobile phone insurance provided to customers as part of their Halifax bank account are covered by the Lifestyle Services Group, you can contact them by email at Complaints and comment can also be made over the phone on 0345 124 1400.



Lloyds Lifestyle Service Group

Lloyds customers can take advantage of mobile phone insurance packages which are administered by the Lifestyle Service Group. You can register your phone for one of these schemes using one of the following customer service numbers:

Gold Account: 0345 850 5056 

Platinum Account: 0345 850 5300

Premier Account: 0345 604 0440 

Select Account: 0345 716 1116

Silver Account:  0345 603 1839



Nationwide Lifestyle Service Group

Customers with a FlexPlus account are eligible to apply for  Nationwide mobile phone insurance. This scheme is underwritten and administered by the Lifestyle Services Group. Customers can register for an account on the Nationwide section of the Lifestyle Services Group website. Once registered customers can dial 0800 11 88 55 for over the phone customer support. 



If your mobile phone is on the Three Network then phone 08456 743 333 to claim on your Lifestyle Services Group mobile phone insurance. The Lifestyle Services Group claims number is available Monday to Saturday, 9-5.



TSB customers can take out insurance for their phones through their bank accounts and this will be administered by the Lifestyle Services Group, the customer service numbers for these mobile phone insurance accounts is 0345 835 3835. You can also contact the Lifestyle Services Group about your mobile insurance by email at:



Lifestyle Services Group Postal Addresses

The Lifestyle Services Group LTD have their headquarters in Crewe, this is the best address for customer correspondence:

Lifestyle Services Group
Emerald Buildings
Crewe Business Park
Westmere Drive
Crewe CW1 6UN