LG Contact Number: 0344 847 5454

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0344 847 5454 08448 471 402
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The LG Customer support number for consumers is 0344 847 5454. The equivalent number for businesses is 08448 471 402.

These numbers are suitable for customers experiencing an issue with an LG device or air conditioning system. 

LG UK Customer Support Number: 0344 847 5454

  • Televisions -0344 847 5454

The customer support phone number can be used to report a fault with a TV or other piece of electrical equipment you bought from LG.

Report technical difficulties with your television on this number including issues with initial set up. These may include not being able to load an App such as BBCi,  difficulties using Airplay to watch Apple TV+, or problems logging into an Amazon Prime Account.

You can also use it to report problems problems with the picture and sound on your television. For example difficulties in getting the picture to show in Dolby Vision (4K), or the audio being out of sync on your sound bar. When reporting any issue over the phone you will need to have the model and serial number to hand. This will allow them to help you in go through some trouble shooting measures and arrange further support if necessary.

  • Washing Machines and dryers – 0344 847 5454

The same number can also be used to seek support in case of a fault with an LG washing machine or dryer. If you are having difficulties getting your machine to work then phone the customer service number 0344 847 5454. You can request that LG arrange a visit or that they send someone to pick up your machine to fix it. Meanwhile LG should arrange a replacement while they fix your machine.

If you have a modern LG washing machine that connects to the internet you can phone the customer service number if you are having trouble connecting the machine to the app on your phone.

LG Business Number: 08448 471 402

LG provide a range of heating and Air Conditioning systems,  and solar panels to businesses across the UK. They also offer  a choice of projectors, monitors and information displays. The contact details you need will depend on the product you need to speak about.

  • Air Conditioning units and Heating 

If calling LG to enquire about or to report a problem with an air conditioning unit or heating you can do so by email on uk.aircon@lge.com. You can also get help over the phone on 08448 471 402. When you have dialled you will need to press option 4.

In Ireland the equivalent number is 0919 274 459

  • Purchase a product 

Contact LG about the possibility of purchasing one of their products on the enquire to buy section of their website. This page allows you to get in touch with a customer service representative who will be able to give you information about and advice on buying a product for your business.