Lewisham Police Station: 101

There are three methods of contacting Lewisham Police Station:

  • 101 – Phone 101 to get in touch with a specific police officer in Lewisham Police Station, or to report a crime that has taken place.
  • 999 – If you are in danger or come across a situation that demands urgent police attention you should always phone 999. The police 999 telephone number is an emergency number that can be used if an urgent response is needed.

Connect with Lewisham Police Station on 101. This is is a neighbourhood policing line manned 24/7; if you need to report a crime that is taking place then phone 999, or for non-emergencies phone 101. You can also use the 1012

The Police Station is housed on Lewisham High Street in a modern brick building with a glass staircase above the main entrance. The Lewisham Police Station 101 can be use for reporting an item of lost property, and can also be used to report a crime in Lewisham.