Leeds Council Tax Contact: 0113 222 4404

The Council Tax team at Leeds City Council can be contacted by telephone on 0113 222 4404 to make a payment, to check eligibility for discounts/exemptions, or to seek if behind on payments.


Council Tax Team – 0113 222 4404

Leeds City Council have a dedicated customer service team that deal with all Council Tax enquiries in the city. You can contact them by telephone on 0113 222 4404 or email: council.tax@leeds.gov.uk

The above contact methods can be used for any queries, complaints or support in council tax matters for residents of Leeds. When you phone the number an officer at the council will be able to investigate your issue and help you find a resolution.

For example if you are a resident of Leeds who is being overcharged for their council tax, you can phone the customer service number 0113 222 4404 to get an officer to look into it for you. Similarly if you are believe you are being charged arrears in error on a council tax account that is paid up then phone the same number.


Council Tax Team – Payments

The Council Tax number also serves as a payment line. Therefore you can also phone the Leeds Council tax contact number to make a payment or to set up a direct debit. To set up a direct debit you will need to press option 2.

The Council Tax team number 0113 222 4404 is also the best number to phone if you are new to Leeds and need to check what council tax band your new property (rented or owned) falls under. When you phone you can also ensure that Leeds Council have your contact details correct for billing.


Council Tax Arrears

It is also important that you phone the team if, due to personal circumstances, you are no longer able to make payments on you council tax arrears. Therefore if you are not able to make payment on the date shown on a bill Contact Leeds Council Tax on 0113 222 4404 as soon as possible. An officer will be able to help you come up with a payment plan or advise you on seeking independent help.


Leeds Council Tax Team Alternative Contact

If for any reason the Council Tax number is down you can contact staff at Leeds City Council by dialling 0113 222 4444 and pressing option 1. Customers can also get in touch with Leeds Council on Twitter with Council tax enquiries, their Twitter Handle is:

Leeds Council Help