Lakhshmi Vilas Palace Contact Number: +91 85111 29692

This telephone number serves as a 24 hour point of contact for people with enquiries about or wishing to visit the Lakshmi Vilas Palace located in the Gujurati city of Vadodara. The number is a mobile and within India you need to dial 85111 29692, whereas from abroad the number is +91 85111 29692.

Lakshmi Vilas Palaca in Vadodara


Lakhshmi Vilas Palace Contact Email

Tourists looking to organise a trip to the palace can do so by emailing the admin team on

When you arrive at Lakhsmi Vilas Palace you will be ushered to one of the rooms at the back where you will be given a voice recorder with headphones. This device will act as your guide for your tour. Each of the luxurious rooms is given a different number which runs according to the number of the track on your audio guide. It really is a perfect addition as you take in the glorious visuals of the palace. If you have any concerns or queries prior to your trip then you can phone the palace on +91 85111 29692, or use the email provided above.

Lakhshmi Palace Entrance Fee

The charge for entering the palace is 500 rupees, about £5. You can also, if you wish, choose to pay 750 rupees for a combination ticket which also includes entry to the museum. The price includes a complimentary cup of masala tea or a coffee in the palace cafeteria.