Kodak: 0800 967 780

Customers experiencing technical difficulties with their digital camera should phone the Kodak digital support team on freephone 0800 967 780. Alternatively speak to the Kodak UK head office on: 01442 261122.

The Kodak Story

The story of Kodak began in Rochester New York in 1877 when 23 year old George Eastman, an ambitious young bookkeeper, decided to buy a camera so he could take photos of properties in the hope of getting into the real estate industry. Upon purchasing a camera he was shocked at how big and cumbersome it was. Supporting the bulky camera was an even heavier tripod. Users also had to carry around a series of plates plus enough water to keep them wet, chemicals and even a tent to develop the stills in.

George’s intellect and ferocious appetite for reading was soon turned towards finding a way to make cameras cheaper, more compact and lighter. An answer was to be found in contemporary photography in Europe where photographers had developed dry plates which did not need to be soaked before each use. His plates were a great success.

However as soon as he had mastered making dry glass plates his attention shifted towards a new and revolutionary product for capturing photographs. He invented the worlds first film by coating paper with emulsion, furthermore he also realised rolls of this film could be stored within a reel, within the camera meaning the photographer is not limited to taking a photograph and the having to change the plate.

George Eastman’s new invention won numerous awards and he patented the idea under the new trademark: Kodak.

Digital Cameras and Technical Support Numbers

Over the years Kodak have branched out into many new fields including: printers, projectors and video cameras. Despite being the first company to develop a commercial digital camera they continued to concentrate on their traditional film-based cameras which saw them fall behind their competitors in the decade beginning in 2000. This culminated in the company filing for bankruptcy in 2012, however they continued to trade and now they have released a brand new batch of cameras that are taking the digital photography and film-making world by storm.

If you experience any technical issues with your digital camera then call the Kodak products customer support team on 0800 967 780 between 10am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Traditional Cameras and Film Technical Support Numbers

Kodak still produce film cameras and film, including single use cameras plus Advantix cameras. If you require technical support concerning one of these products them phone Kodak on 0870 850 0020.

All-in-one Printer Support

Kodak have been making printers for decades and they recently released the Kodak Verite all in one laser printers. If you require technical support with this item or any other Kodak printer then phone the All-in-one printer support number: 0870 243 0270.

You can also try the freephone number of the manufacturers of the Verite range: 0800 056 9892.

Projector Support Number

Customers who require technical support concerning a Kodak projector should phone the projector support helpline: 0870 606 1031.

Kodak Picture Kiosk

Kodak have a number of kiosks around the country where you can get your pictures printed into albums, onto mugs, or on single sheets. If you would like information about this service or would like to find out where your nearest Kodak picture Kiosk is located then call: 0800 015 8528.

Kodak head office

Kodak’s UK head office is located in Hemel Hemstead and can be reached by phone on the following local rate number: 01442 261 122.