JIB Phone Number: 01322 661605

The Joint Industry Board (JIB) phone number is 01322 661605, this number will connect you with Karen Sulsh who is in charge of JIB membership.


JIB Phone Number Employment Issues – 01322 661616

This JIB phone number is manned by Rob Gibbs, he is also contactable by email on r.gibbs@jib.org.uk He will be able to give you information and advice regarding the national working rules. 

You can also phone Liz Collins on 01322 661603 with any national working rules enquiries.


JIB Phone Number Apprenticeships – 0800 085 2308

JIB have a dedicated free phone number for candidates to discuss joining an electrics apprenticeship scheme. You can also email for information on info@jtltraining.com


JIB ECS Card Phone Number – 01322 661633

If you would like to apply for a JIB ECS card then the phone number you need is 01322 661633. If you are in a hurry to get your JIB ECS card then you can use this number to apply for the premium service which allows you to perform your H&S exam and get your Electrician documents checked on the same day at the same location. Phone the JIB ECS card phone number on 01322 661633 to request this service.